Consulting for the future

Global technological progress is a parameter that undoubtedly affects almost every business.

Your consultants have to be aware of this.

Financial consulting

What you can expect

Unpredictable times bring unexpected challenges. Through a combination of expertise and technology, we are steadily heading towards the future and offering sustainable solutions to our clients.

Business consulting

Following novelties on the market, as well as continually improving our knowledge of local laws takes time and dedication. Based on verified information and relevant sources, Fidestum’s team of experts will explore, analyse and bring you adequate suggestions for the future.

Privremeni menadžment​

Due diligence

Due diligence of a business is a very specific area that requires close collaboration between experts and the client, in order for the final result to be precise, relevant and appropriate.

Izvještavanje stranih vlasnika​

Valuation and acquisitions

Preparing transaction documentation, as well as leading and structuring the whole process.

Porezna optimizacija​

Financial and tax consulting

Fidestum’s team of experts is at your disposal to assist you with interpreting tax regulations, compiling transfer prices, and to help you with tax risk management and during tax inspection.

Osnivanje tvrtke​

Mergers and acquisitions

Aside from valuation and due diligence, we offer services of expert guidance in the process of merging and acquiring companies.

Vođenje poslovnih knjiga​

Business plans

Our area of expertise is the development of business plans / investment plans based on a deep understanding of different business models and market.

Long-term collaboration

Trust and transparency

Trust built on strong foundations of openness and transparency is at the top of our priority list. Whether it is the trust built with employees, suppliers or clients, it is almost always a deal-breaker. 

Other services

In tune with your business

Obračun plaća

Payroll accounting


Foreign business consulting

Foreign business consulting

Long-term collaboration
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