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Comprehensive support for foreign businesses and entrepreneurs when starting a business

Accounting services

What you can expect

Starting businesses for foreigners is a service that we fully adapt to the needs of our clients depending on the area of their business and the goals they have for the local market.

Poslovni partneri

Business plans

We have extensive experience in the area of business plans / investment plans based on a deep understanding of different business models and markets.

Osnivanje tvrtke​

Starting a business

Advice, calculation and comprehensive administrative support when starting a business.

Porezna optimizacija​

Tax optimization

Our team of experts will answer all questions related to the tax system and the regulations in relation to your business.

Vođenje poslovnih knjiga​


Bookkeeping documentation: general ledger, income and expenses ledger, cash register and account statements, as well as submission of financial statements.

Obračun plaća i osobnih poreza​

Payroll and personal tax accounting

All necessary forms for employees, the company archives and competent institutions, including fees, earnings, severance pay, travel orders and jubilee fees.

Izvještavanje stranih vlasnika​

Reporting to foreign owners

Reporting to foreign owners according to their needs and defined models. Additionally, there is also the service of in-depth monitoring of business, specifically intended for foreign owners that wish to be in the loop with their business on the local market.

Strukturiranje projekata i investicija

Project and investment structuring

This service also includes additional activities of searching for potential investments and business opportunities.

Privremeni menadžment​

Interim management

We offer services of interim management of your company. Through expert advice and analysis, we can help you direct your business towards top results.

Reliable partners

In an ever-changing world, a reliable partner is the only constant

Unpredictable times bring unexpected challenges. Through a combination of expertise and technology, we are steadily heading towards the future and offering sustainable solutions to our clients.

Harmonised business

We follow and continually improve our knowledge of the law, so you can be sure that your business complies with the law at any given moment.

Tax and statistical reports on payroll and other receipts (the JOPPD and IP forms).

We take care of employee registration, and the data in the system, which is crucial when calculating all fees. We also calculate non-taxable receipts, sick leave costs paid by the employer/HZZO, fees for independent contractors and travel orders.

Discretion is priority number one. We exclusively communicate with authorized persons, and we treat your data with maximum caution.

With the help of cutting-edge technology, your processes will be freed from repetitive steps, while maintaining full precision and accuracy.

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Payroll accounting

Payroll accounting

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