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Top experts, lifelong learning and cutting-edge technology.

A perfect calculation that saves both time and money.

Payroll accounting

Do you follow novelties?

No need, the Fidestum team will follow all law amendments and regulations in real time. And we all know that there are many of them.

Harmonised business

We follow and continually improve our knowledge of the law, so you can be sure that your business complies with the law at any given moment.

Tax and statistical reports on payroll and other receipts (the JOPPD and IP forms).

We take care of employee registration, and the data in the system, which is crucial when calculating all fees. We also calculate non-taxable receipts, sick leave costs paid by the employer / HZZO, fees for independent contractors and travel orders.

Discretion is our number one priority. We exclusively communicate with authorized persons, and we treat your data with maximum caution.

With the help of cutting-edge technology, your processes will be freed from repetitive steps, while maintaining full precision and accuracy.

Usklađeno poslovanje

A new dimension of business


Our final goal is to make business easy for our clients through the automatization of business processes and the implementation of the state-of-the-art data management tools.


Aside from simplifying business processes, technological innovations bring savings, and those are the results that we are all happy to measure. Smart business organization, and cutting-edge technology combined with financial and accounting experts — this is the recipe to our success.

Process automatization

Below are some of the tools we use for our clients
4D Wand (commerce and services)
KOR (hospitality)
GoSoft (manufacture)
Businesswomen using a digital tablet at work
Other services

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Foreign business consulting

Foreign business consulting

Long-term collaboration
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