Poliklinika Bagatin

Re-structuring accounting processes with an exceptional increase in business activity

In 2015 we have become an accounting partner of Poliklinika Bagatin. This includes bookkeeping and all other accounting and consulting services for multiple companies in the Bagatin Group.

Poliklinika Bagatin

Expertise and Technology


Confirmation of Absence of Tax Risks

Ensuring a full tax and legal compliance.

Implementation of the ERP System

We have helped implement the ERP system in the Group on their servers to have all data in one place.

Process Structuring

We have developed business process procedures connected to accounting and finances.

Employee Training

Continuous in-house employee training regarding accounting and finances.

Efficient Reporting

We have created the ability of active business reporting and thus helped real time management.

Partners for the future

How we help companies?

The main benefit of an accounting partner for smaller, but also bigger clients, is precisely the level of knowledge and experience of the external team, with significantly lower costs. An additional, but no less important benefit is the safety and reliability, given that the accounting team is always available to you. You read that right, literally always.

Long-term collaboration
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