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Experience and expertise

15 years of experience in accounting and finances


Our final goal is to make business easy for our clients through the automatization of business processes and the implementation of state-of-the-art data management tools. 15 years of experience is a good thing in this case.

Time frame

Our story

Led by a vision of an easier, more transparent and socially acceptable business, we have been creating, changing and perfecting our story for 15 years.


Establishing Fidestum

Fidestum was established in 2006 as a company for accounting services with two team members.

Establishing Fidestum
Defining our management board


Defining our management board

Filip Jelić joins the company, and our office moves to a new location.


Expanding the team

We now have ten employees and have relocated to a new office in the business centre of Zagreb. We have significantly expanded our client base and started to offer consulting services to small and medium-sized companies.

Fidestum team
Poslovno savjetovanje


Digital transformation and the future

We have moved our office to the Green Gold Center and created preconditions for growth in the upcoming period. Today we primarily focus on the digitization of business and cloud accounting.

High quality standards
Values we represent


Everything we do, we do in the best interest of our partners, and we base our collaboration primarily on trust. The trust that our partners give us year after year, and our ethical and moral codex are the backbone of the way we do business.


In bookkeeping and finances, precision is of the utmost importance. Even the smallest of mistakes may lead to a business going in the wrong direction. At Fidestum, we continuously implement the newest technologies in finances and accounting, to be able to make any business more transparent, keeping books more precise, and make every-day processes as automatic as possible.

Striving for excellence

We are continually improving our own business processes, in order to lead by example and motivate our partners at any moment. For us, reaching excellence in business is not only a goal, but a process of adjustment to market circumstances.


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